Behind Our Name

The Story behind the name


Adenium is about creating unique, adapted and sustainable solutions for our clients.  These principles are enshrined in the name Adenium Healthcare.

Adenium Obesum, also known as Desert Rose, is a species of flowering plant in the Apocynacea family that is renowned for prospering despite challenges. A flower that blooms in adversity, it is evergreen with leaves in all seasons and can grow for several decades. It is native to the Sahel regions, south of the Sahara and tropical, subtropical eastern and southern Africa and Arabia, regions that do not have reliable supplies of fresh water. Nonetheless it is beautifully adapted, with the possibility to shed leaves during cold spells and the capacity to produce rose-like flowers. Each Adenium’s solution is unique, adapted and sustainable: it does not require any specialised growing conditions, it is not susceptible to any common pest or disease and it manages its water consumption in times of scarcity to ensure that it can withstand the variation of seasons.

Similarly, Adenium Healthcare works with each client to define, design and implement unique, adapted and sustainable solutions to challenges in competitive environments. Our foundations are built on expertise, experience and professionalism. And a healthy curiosity to learn ensures that these foundations are regularly reinforced. Finally, we are motivated to listen and to understand each client’s unique challenges as each challenge represents an opportunity for an Adenium Healthcare solution.